You Already Own Your Path!

Today as I get ready for my day. I begin to think about what should I write about in my post today, then while I was going through some pictures I have saved in my phone, I saw an snap picture I had saved long time ago. It was a very simple picture with a saying on it. And It says this: "BE THANK FULL TO HAVE WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR IT." As I was reading that a lot memories begin head me, and I noticed something very interesting; When I was about 18 years old I heard of your dream life goal board! I said to my self; let me do mine and see what happens. Then I say; Why not believe in your dreams and fight for them. We have a Creator who's have gave us this entire earth, and he said; "those who b

The feeling of uncertainly!!

Hi guys! Here I'm back in another post this week! I would be posting at least two post per week, that's the goal for this year and hoping I can get better and better in each post. I promise I would do my best to make it better and more interesting reading. I like to also include videos on my post. So I'm officially can say I would be posting videos in the next future post. I really feel I like to connect with people who's has a passion in life to be someone or do something different , I like to connect to those people who has a potential but they just that developed yet, I like to connect with people who's can feel inspire and like to be an inspiration, I like to connect with people that are

The Beginning of the Real Deal

Hi Guys! Today I like to share something that it's happening to me right now today, I decided to take the whole day to think and wait to the night to start this what I think is very important topic. Living your dream!! Yes, Today its a different day! It's 7pm I begin to write the first script of the year for our first project begins its journey. I had took the writing part of a building a story. I have my white colorado cup of coffee next to me with the perfect smell of coffee. I start typing the first words of the story we decided to work for this month, and then I stop stop for a minute.. and I begin to meditate while I get a swip of coffee and look outside the window. I ask my self - Ale

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