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Alex Kano 
Filmmaker, Founder 

Alex's aim is to produce films with a certain touch of realism. A unique, very own touch that engages the audience and enables them to share the experiences of the characters as the stories unfold.


"I want to take people into a journey. to give them an opportunity to see life through somebody else's eyes. If we can do that, we will have a better world." 

Ozzy De Padilla 

Ozzy sees things from a different perspective. Whether commenting on a novel, a film or a play, he adds something very sui generis and likes to expound things from its philosophical argument. His narration and scriptwriting style is with the vision to have the viewer immerse him or herself in the story and be able to relate to it and its experiences as the character develops. 


“After reading a hundred books, you feel the need to write one. Or two”

Cindy Teniente
Assistant Director

Cindy is the Assistant Director with a well-rounded background for leadership, logistics, and creativity, not only here in Houston but around the world as well. As a current army reservist, a missionary, and an actress, her discipline,  audacity, and ardent characteristics drive this film's vision forward. 


"La Vida is too short, the world is too big, and God's armor is too great to live an ordinary life!"

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