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AMPLO films was founded in 2010 as a Film Production Company with a vision to create a place where local talents could have a platform to realize and showcase their work.

From writers, directors, and cinematographers to other artists such as painters, musicians and photographers have gotten together and added their enthusiasm into AMPLO films, all for the love and passion of the art of filmmaking.


AMPLO in Latin means “to magnify” or, “to broaden”; (i.e.), because our goal is to be a Film Production Company, a launchpad where creative people can fulfill, amplify their dreams. Leaving a legacy for the rest of us as they share their soul, and as an encouragement for the people behind who may have even a small dream, concept or idea because: 

“Even the smallest of dreams, when worked upon...

                                                                                        can become bigger than one’s self”

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