About been happy while you running your Race!

I Have been working for almost a month constantly in this Short Film "The Old Man" It's been a exciting journey. All of the process; from writing the story, preproduction, production and now post production. My life's journey just begin and with all the ideas and projects we have a head. I can say that it's only the matter of making the first step to what you love, and then the rest would take of it self. The energy and excitement, the drive to what were doing this month gave me the satisfaction to understand once again that here is where I belong. There's no other place be like to be at you best excitement in life. I would not stop saying finding what its your call and then chase it! Do wh

Living your Life to the fullest!

Hello Again! Here I'm with the intuition of wanting to share something I think is very important and something we may heard many times in the past. "Living Your Life to the fullest!" What's this really mean? People have heard this many times and others every day, we constantly see this words or videos in social media about Living Your Life! but if we all heard the same thing almost every day. why we are not doing anything about. I guess we first need to understand the real definition of the phrase "living you life to the fullest" I Strongly believe that we all were born with especial purpose in this life, and that purpose connects with others people purpose. The problem is that is hard to f

10 Year to get there!!

It's Thursday night and I'm getting ready for our weekly production meeting we started few months ago with a friend and I. As I'm cleaning the studio and organize some production equipment, some thoughts comes to my mind as look at my day and all the things I did to get here. I was telling my self - All the work it took to be where I'm now.... just to be where I'm now... I stop for few seconds as I meditated through those words. I worked 10 years straight for a company I build from scratch, with the hope of one day soon it can pay for my pursuing dream,"Film Maker" Of course I didn't wanted to take those long ten years to the here. I never thought building a business would involve long ho

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