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Living your Life to the fullest!

Hello Again! Here I'm with the intuition of wanting to share something I think is very important and something we may heard many times in the past.

"Living Your Life to the fullest!"

What's this really mean?

People have heard this many times and others every day, we constantly see this words or videos in social media about Living Your Life! but if we all heard the same thing almost every day. why we are not doing anything about. I guess we first need to understand the real definition of the phrase "living you life to the fullest"

I Strongly believe that we all were born with especial purpose in this life, and that purpose connects with others people purpose. The problem is that is hard to find or to follow your purpose(Dreams).

We are to busy in the every day going on and we ignore those inner voices calling us to look for the real purpose. We intentionally hide them from our mind with the cloths of fear, indecision. And we tend to move for the easier way, we don't like to get uncontrollable. So we create an easier way out and move on in what we call "Make a Family" Then we concentrate in raising kids, get the job that can pay the bills, and then time goes by and our life is gone.

We forget that we had a purpose(Dream) we regret those thoughts and we feel that we could done something about it, but is to late. We become a killers of our own dreams.

So leave your life to your fullest! It's not just an easy task, it involves passion, and perseverance, a decision to risk all just to get there and enjoy the the life in its fulness.

Get out there and don't let fear, indecision, lack of knowledge get in your way. Risk all for what you believe, and always listen to those inner voices telling you to go and get what you are calle for.

You'll see that its more simpler than what you can imaginen. All its to get there and pass the level of uncertainty and enjoy what you were called for because doing what you loved and understanding the purpose. "That's what I called Living Your Life to your fullest"

Hope you had enjoy this post and used for your life.

Thanks again for another post!

Alex Kano

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