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The Beginning of the Real Deal

Hi Guys!

Today I like to share something that it's happening to me right now today, I decided to take the whole day to think and wait to the night to start this what I think is very important topic.

Living your dream!!

Yes, Today its a different day!

It's 7pm I begin to write the first script of the year for our first project begins its journey. I had took the writing part of a building a story. I have my white colorado cup of coffee next to me with the perfect smell of coffee. I start typing the first words of the story we decided to work for this month, and then I stop stop for a minute.. and I begin to meditate while I get a swip of coffee and look outside the window. I ask my self - Alex, Do you noticed you're living your dream? Then I stop everything.. and then I answer my self with smile in my face - That's right I didn't even paid attention to it.

I kept looking outside the window while I was contemplating my answer with my smile in my face still.. Wow how long it took me to get here. I told my self that like three times repeatedly. After many years of wanting to really do what you love and seeing your self doing it! I couldn't even believe it I was here in front of computer creating a story. After all the hard work and many hours of dedication to a business I didn't loved, and all the ups and downs of trying to still do something with creating a film project but never could do it. after going sleep many nights wanting to be there shooting a film, still seeing so far away to be there. And after those same nights that I didn't even wanted to know anything about the dream of becoming film maker. But never could get rid of that dream, many nights of fights to let it go and it just didn't want to leave out of head, until I realized there's nothing that can be done than accepted and do something about it. So I did, And that's why I'm still here in front of the computer with the full dedication of doing what I felt its my call to do.

After few minutes of the realization about doing the dream I was call for, I felt then the responsability and excitement to continue and move on... So here I'm, and there no stop and no going back.

Living your Dream!!

Thanks guys again for taking the time to read and also to shared.

PS. This is real!

Alex Kano

Until next time..

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