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A Morning in Colorado!

Is 8am Sunday in Colorado. I wanted to share something with you guys, but I sat down outside in the porch of the condo with an amazing view of white snow covering the entire mountain. I open the computer while I was still contemplating the amazing nature that was in front of me.

I begin to type but no words were coming to my mind. I was stuck, I thought I could find inspiration by this amazing view. As you guys know I been posting stories I create or just thoughts. So this time I was thinking to do the same thing, I wanted to create a story with related to this trip to colorado and adding the amazing views you get to see in this place. But then I couldn't type a single word, My mind was frozen with the cold of colorado..- I said to my self.

So I decided to just be me and type whatever I could think of. I start typing and feel the need to just be my self and open with my writing. So now here I'm typing this morning about my self and whatever my mind tells me to say.

I feel very lucky to experiences this amazing view of the mountains in Keystone Colorado. I could say there nothing more exciting than be part of your own nature. Knowing that it was a creator who in one day decided to give this amazing world to us.

A world with all it beauties, and resources for us to use and enjoy at our fullest. The white snow that invites me see the purity of the earth. The green pines covered by the withe snow which that tells me how strange they have to support the cold and the winds that comes and goes.

I'm very lucky to run and jump to the snow and feel the cold in my face, and freezing my hands every time I hold the ice for while. I feel very lucky to drive through the streets of the mountain and feel the danger that it gets while you get to the edge to the fall down.

I can continue with many amazing stories of this great place! But I think it's important to say that you would never connect with your self unless you go and explore your world, Yes the world that was given to you from the day that you were born. All we need to do is go outside and connect with ourself by just admiring the beauty of every space of this earth. Then I'm sure you would say just like me, I'm very lucky to be here!

Go and explore it's simple and easy, just set it up in your mind and do it.

You won't come back the same. I promise !

Thanks for taking the time to reading my post!

Very Appreciated

PS. Sorry Again for my spelling.

Alex Kano

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