A Morning in Colorado!

Is 8am Sunday in Colorado. I wanted to share something with you guys, but I sat down outside in the porch of the condo with an amazing view of white snow covering the entire mountain. I open the computer while I was still contemplating the amazing nature that was in front of me. I begin to type but no words were coming to my mind. I was stuck, I thought I could find inspiration by this amazing view. As you guys know I been posting stories I create or just thoughts. So this time I was thinking to do the same thing, I wanted to create a story with related to this trip to colorado and adding the amazing views you get to see in this place. But then I couldn't type a single word, My mind was froz


Hola, no te vi por aquí y me pregunte ¿ que hace en estos momentos?.. cuando el aire de afuera esta estupendo.. ¿donde se encuentra ahora?. me pregunte de nuevo.. Tal vez esta estudiando por supuesto, Me repeti a mi mismo ¿ donde creías que estaba?. me dije en un tono de voz lento. Ya después de las diez de la mañana, salí con una taza de café blanca, y un logo de Starbucks verde con una cara de una sirena. Suspire el aire que pegaba en mi cara y abrasaba mi cuerpo., Mire al cielo, vi unas nubes blancas y no hice otra cosa que rápidamente imaginar tu cara., Esa sonrisa linda, pura y coqueta ala ves. Tal vez suena como un poema esto, pero no lo es. Solo son palabra que me nacen decir a


Mind, the mind is everything! Every thought you created it manifest it self in the real world; if you din't achieved something you strive for - you simply didn't believe enough. Don't give up, don't give up even if t's cold outside and burns your hands with the cold ice. Don't give up even if the son hides through the dark clouds, and the wind silences it self outside. There still fire inside you soul, there's still life in yours dreams. Because the life is yours and yours are the desires. Every day is a new beginning, because now is the time and the best moment to be a live. - Make a choice, Just decide, What's gonna be? Who you want to be, how you going to do it, but just decide. This was

New Cold Day!

Today, at 7am this morning I got up and went straight to the bathroom as usual, except that today I noticed something different, the view of my of my living room window was white. It was ice snow everywhere. I stay for little while contemplating the snow outside when there's never snow in Houston TX. It was a very quite morning no car were passing by as usual. I went to the restroom, came back and went straight to the kitchen and got the coffee started. It was very cold morning, I could feel it in my feet. I grab my coffee and took a sip and I kept in my hands to keep the smells that was coming from the cup. I love the mornings, I don't know why. I always find them interesting. I feel that

Share your Story!

Hey Guys! What's up. Another day of excitement! I like to talk to today about "Share your Story".. We all know we have stories to tell right! I believe we all do, we find them at work with coworkers, family members, your spouse and even your children's have a different stories every day. I like to share what I believe is been in my heart for so many years. I'm a film maker, and the reason I choose this path for my life is because I strongly believe there's many stories that need to be heard, stories that have left history and other that have been baried in the ground for many years. Why I'm saying this; well lets get to know a little about what stories are; The entire world was created base

Having no Idea how to begin your goals journey for this year - It's difficult ah?

I had recently overcome one my most difficult goals that I had for years, through out this time I always found my self with excuses after excuses in front of me, but the reality it was only me who could overcome the challenge, who was very shy and low self esteem. especiallly for my language barrier. But Until few days ago when I realized that life it keeps moving forward and when something is born inside of you and keeps growing and growing even when you trying to get it out of your mind and still insist to stay there, that's when you realize you have to do something about it. And don't matter the time, the circumstances, or the embarrassment you my have in your mind. At the end you have to

My goals for 2018

When I ask people about their goals, I always get this answer. - I don't know yet!, I have many goals but I don't know how to start them yet. Other people always answer about the losing wait. that's the main goal. So I seat in my office with hot cup of coffee and I begin to analyze people's opinions about goals. So I asked my self how's your goals! Where are you on your goals you set last year. So I went back and I realized I did some of them and others I had to pass to this year. But one thing I had in common with other people. I had no clue how to start, theres is this thing that holds you up and doesn't let you start. So I had to go more deeply in my heart to know if this goals were impor

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