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You Already Own Your Path!

Today as I get ready for my day. I begin to think about what should I write about in my post today, then while I was going through some pictures I have saved in my phone, I saw an snap picture I had saved long time ago. It was a very simple picture with a saying on it.

And It says this:


As I was reading that a lot memories begin head me, and I noticed something very interesting;

When I was about 18 years old I heard of your dream life goal board!

I said to my self; let me do mine and see what happens.

Then I say; Why not believe in your dreams and fight for them. We have a Creator who's have gave us this entire earth, and he said; "those who believe would see the glory of God."

So I move on and work hard every day to get all those goals I have set in my "dreams goal board" One thing I do believe is the "Power of the dream board" Because it can help you identify how far you have gone in your dreams, Or to know where you at at them, and it can give you direction for the next action move.

Never underestimate your dreams because you never know how far they go once you there, and the power that it can impart to others. Keep believing on them and move forward in "ACTION MOOD"

"Good luck Dreamers, The world it's waiting for you and your ideas"

Thank you again for letting me be part of a momento of your life.

PS. Forgive me for the grammar and missed Spelling!

Alex Kano!

board" Then time went by and years went by.

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