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My goals for 2018

When I ask people about their goals, I always get this answer. - I don't know yet!, I have many goals but I don't know how to start them yet. Other people always answer about the losing wait. that's the main goal.

So I seat in my office with hot cup of coffee and I begin to analyze people's opinions about goals. So I asked my self how's your goals! Where are you on your goals you set last year. So I went back and I realized I did some of them and others I had to pass to this year. But one thing I had in common with other people. I had no clue how to start, theres is this thing that holds you up and doesn't let you start. So I had to go more deeply in my heart to know if this goals were important enough and If I really wanted to do them, I couldn't continue with the same embarres moment with your self. So I decided to do something different this year. I made a list in every specific goal, I added year month and week. I had to understand first the importance of the goal is in my life and them make a decision. This was crucial to me so I really put it in paper and I added the date to be accomplish.

Now I have many goals but I feel I have not just goals there, Now I feel I have a plan and a structure to reach those goals. And for me that's my motivation right now.

Motivation came as something you see happening and it brings you chills. Thats is the answer to keep moving forward to accomplish your goals this year.

Look up into yourself and look deep in your heart and after that is simple just attach your goal with your heart and then you would find the motivation you need. And don't be scare with your self, let the dreams be there, thats nothing wrong with it except not acknowledge them. Let them be part of you and plan for them.

Thanks for reading this little part of my 2018 goals thoughts - And if you don't noticed this is the first post of my blogging journey as part of a goal to be accomplish. I hope you guys liked and be inspired.

PS. Sorry for my grammar

I'll be posting more post so stay tune.

A 1000 thanks!!!

Alex Kano

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