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Having no Idea how to begin your goals journey for this year - It's difficult ah?

I had recently overcome one my most difficult goals that I had for years, through out this time I always found my self with excuses after excuses in front of me, but the reality it was only me who could overcome the challenge, who was very shy and low self esteem. especiallly for my language barrier. But Until few days ago when I realized that life it keeps moving forward and when something is born inside of you and keeps growing and growing even when you trying to get it out of your mind and still insist to stay there, that's when you realize you have to do something about it. And don't matter the time, the circumstances, or the embarrassment you my have in your mind. At the end you have to face it and do it.

I decided to take action no matter the circumstances and the fears I may had to face. I need to try and to see my self doing it. So Here I'm facing my self in this war of emotions and challenges. Writing a blog it's been very exciting for me, and so scary at the same time. So I stop coming with excuses and move forward as the world moves forward .

One thing I know that made me get so into this dream of writing a blog and to become a filmmaker. I'm always find art as pat of my life, like my physical partner in life. The way you express your self by putting in words and then in motion pictures it's priceless for me. I love expressing my thoughts through writing a story and putting into a screen. I love doing this so much that I couldn't see my self doing something else. And you may ask your self why I'm saying this. When you reach to the deepness of your life and as k your self and your creator (if you believe is a creator) what's the purpose of my life? and what I see doing passionally and with out regrets! and if you see a shine like dressed with clothing of you purpose in this life. That means is no turn back, once you see it and you see your self there your done. You wont be able to get that out of your mind. That's why I say to friend that you have look into your self deeply and find your purpose, but I also say that you need to be careful because once you see it., its Yours and it would attached to you for the rest of your life and wont let you go even if you decide not to do it., it would follow you in your thoughts and memories. But if you take action and follow that shine light dressed of your dream then, You'll find your purpose and your'll owe to the world that patiently awaiting for you to do it.

My life is made its turning point and now that's exactly what I'm doing I'm taking the actions now. And with this saying my Actions now is this two post blogs. I have face the challenges and internal fears and I had decided to over come. Now the feeling that I get is amazing.

Now before I go... I hope you find this post useful and powerful in your life. And if you're in the stage where you still haven't find your purpose. keep looking and don't give up, and your already intriguer with the idea of something inside of you. I'll urge to keep looking not matter what.

Thanks, and we stay tune for the next post and hope I can keep getting better in my writting and format for the next ones to come.

1000 thanks to you again.

Alex Kano

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