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Share your Story!

Hey Guys! What's up. Another day of excitement!

I like to talk to today about "Share your Story"..

We all know we have stories to tell right! I believe we all do, we find them at work with coworkers, family members, your spouse and even your children's have a different stories every day.

I like to share what I believe is been in my heart for so many years. I'm a film maker, and the reason I choose this path for my life is because I strongly believe there's many stories that need to be heard, stories that have left history and other that have been baried in the ground for many years.

Why I'm saying this; well lets get to know a little about what stories are;

The entire world was created based in stories written by others; with inspiration from our creator and others by people that dedicated their entire life to record history in paper. That's how the world actually move forward by going back to stories and used them to help for the future, for example the Bible is a book full of stories inspired by God and written by people. Those stories have been with us for centuries and have change many people once the read them or heard them. Other people have used them to build a future for their family by applying the stories to their lives. Other have used them to understand life and after dead, other to connect with the creator. So we can see the importance of stories that have survived for thousands of years. And there still many stories written by men that also have help the world been where it is right now.

Stories are very strong and they are connected with us every day. Thats the reason I decided the to become a film maker. I want to connect stories with people and why not giving a better way to look at them with motion pictures, with creating characters you can identify your self. I believe by connecting stories with motion pictures people can listen and see them and they can stay for ever with them. Then one day the can share with their love ones and life can be a little different and hopefully it can by an inspiration for other to make a better future to the new generations. I think is a big responsibility for those who chose to make history. Thats how I see the past by the stories others decided to put together and have the responsibility for this generation.

I want to continue the journey of those who left something for use to see and use in our own life. And I strongly believe that I can continue doing that by making films with real stories.

Thats my dream, That's my called, and that's my responsibility!

PS: It Took many years to make it happened, but now is here and I'm doing it! And that's what it matters

PS: Hopefully you guys enjoyed.

PS: Sorry for my grammar, and miss spelling again.

Let's make history!

Alex Kano

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